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Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is a former three-term member of Congress running for NC's 13th District United States Congress. Renee is pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-military, and pro-America First. 

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Congresswoman Ellmers is a wife, mother, nurse, and small business owner that has proudly called Harnett County “Home” for nearly 24 years.  In 1998 Renee and her husband of 28 years Brent, who is a General Surgeon, and their son Ben moved to Harnett County after meeting with the local hospitals. “We immediately fell in love with everyone we met.”


I support an “America First” approach to creating jobs, ensuring working families can keep more of their hard-earned money and global trade. Domestically I am particularly focused on strategies to help our rural communities and small towns grow and attract business including expansion of broadband and fiberoptic cable. Over the past 2 years families and small businesses across North Carolina have been devastated during the COVID Pandemic by government overreach. There are “Help Wanted” signs everywhere and a massive, pork filled “Infrastructure” bill won’t change that. We must pass meaningful legislation that eliminates red tape and empowers small businesses to grow and create jobs. 

Internationally, we need to re-establish “Trump” style trade negotiations to eliminate the U.S. Trade Deficit that exists with China and other countries.



Domestically we must secure our border and support our Border Patrol, ICE Agents and Local Law Enforcement. On the global stage we must be supportive of our allies and stand strong against our enemies. However, for far too long America has been the “Piggy Bank” for the rest of the world.  I believe in a commonsense approach whether it is military involvement or humanitarian aid.  As an example, it is hard for me to understand how hard-earned taxpayer dollars fund the building of schools on foreign soil in countries whose governments hate us and yet there are communities in North Carolina that remain in great need of construction.  

The 13th Congressional District is home to Fort Bragg and its military families. We must ensure that they have opportunities available to care for their families. I had the great honor of representing Fayetteville and Fort Bragg previously in Congress and it was a priority to meet with military spouses to listen to the issues and hurdles they faced every day.  When re-elected I will do the same. 



We must help and protect our Veterans who have served their country with military service. Constituent Services is the most important job of any member of Congress. When I served in Congress my staff and I vowed to provide excellent Constituent Services to every person in the district and especially our Veterans.  “…We tried to make each of them feel valued and worthy. By the tie they came to us (in general) they were passed believing anyone would help them.  And to be able to give them a glimmer of hope, then actually provide, it was a miracle to some of them…” Pat Fitzgerald, NC 2 District Director for Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, 2011-2017.



No to COVID or any other kind of mandates.  Having been on the frontlines for almost 2 years I want answers on how and where this Viral Pandemic originated and I will fight to put protections in place for healthcare providers that are required to wear PPE.
Healthcare in America remains too expensive from insurance, the care itself, to drug prices. Antiquated and archaic laws and overly burdensome regulations must be reformed to create a Patients First System that ensures quality healthcare that is truly affordable and accessible. When I was at HHS essential regulatory reforms were put in place such as Hospital Price Transparency and scheduled to start January 1, 2021. However, it is debatable whether hospitals are complying. You deserve to know the price tag of care before you receive it.  I will be asking many questions about issues like this.  Additionally, I learned that rural areas are most in need and why I support actions like expanding Community Health Centers and Telehealth availability. 

While working at the VA Nursing Home I was reminded daily that our seniors and physically vulnerable patients in Long-term care need a Champion in Washington to be their voice.  Lastly, we must continue to fight for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders and their families. 


The Agriculture Industry is the backbone of the economy in North Carolina. I will fight to protect our Farming Families. Our Farmers provide food and fiber that feed and clothe not only our families here at home but across the globe.  On any given day of the year, our agriculture industry faces threats from the radical Left including frivolous lawsuits and overly burdensome government regulations.  It is imperative to preserve our agricultural legacy for generations to come. 

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BUILD THE WALL.  Securing our southern border is essential to ensuring our national defense. I stand with our Border Patrol and ICE agents as they carry out their duties every day. As your Representative I will fight to give our Border Patrol not only the resources that are required but also the long-overdue policy reforms that are needed. I have been to the border and seen the cages and humanitarian crisis that was implemented in the Obama Administration and now has exploded under Joe Biden. It is time to put an end to this human tragedy.



No to the Green New Deal, Paris Accords. The only green that will be generated will be money that goes directly into the pockets of everyone associated from AOL to Al Gore. A clean environment is certainly important for our future generations but that requires countries like China, India, and others to do their part without American Taxpayer Dollars!

I support an ALL OF THE ABOVE energy policy to allow the private sector to determine what works; re-opening the Keystone Pipeline; supporting our rural Electric Cooperatives. Finally, we must protect and where necessary restore our Energy Grid. 

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Every citizen deserves the right to fair and transparent elections. North Carolina needs a PHOTO VOTER ID; clean voter rolls void of people who have moved or died; require all ballots to be received by Election Day. Also, I am against any move to federalize elections by mandating a federal voter ID There is no other reason for the Left to fight Voter ID or any other election protection except that it is a window to election fraud. I spend 10 hours a day doing COVID testing. Every patient must show a driver’s license or some form of picture ID first or they cannot be tested. I have yet to send someone away. 


No to CRT being taught in schools.  Parents should be secure in knowing they are in control of their children’s education and what is being taught in school.  I support a “Parent’s Bill of Rights” to protect and ensure parental involvement in schools.  I also believe in School Choice. At the high school level, I am a strong advocate for   expansion of Vocational and Technical Training as well as support for our outstanding North Carolina Community Colleges. Each of these provides solid education for good paying jobs which are greatly needed. 

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Consistent 100% Lifetime Rating from National Right to Life.  As my faith in Christ has deepened over time and with the experience I have gained as a nurse and a mother it is my belief that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. I support meaningful funding for organizations such as Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Pregnancy Resource Centers for women in desperate need with an unplanned pregnancy.  As Republicans, it is our duty to protect families that is why I will also work to break down red tape and find ways to aid couples who want to open their homes and adopt.



“A” Lifetime Rating from the National Rifle Association. The Founding Fathers meant exactly what they wrote in the Constitution, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed...” I believe it is every American’s God-given right to defend themselves and their families. The radical Left demonizes responsible gun owners and tries to strip away our rights as citizens in the name of Social Justice. I will not support any gun control legislation that restricts the ability of a responsible law-abiding citizen to purchase or own a firearm. We must preserve and expand our 2nd Amendment rights.  

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Government spending is completely out of control.  Joe Biden’s Proposed FY 2022 Budget is massive in size and larger than any other previous budget. The Federal Debt is over $30 Trillion and increasing every second. This is simply unacceptable. We must get federal spending under control, or we risk our children and grandchildren’s future. Given the current state absence of significant decreases in federal spending, I cannot in good conscience vote to raise the Federal Debt Limit. 

President Joe Biden released a $6.011 trillion federal budget proposal in May 2021 for fiscal year (FY) 2022. The U.S. government estimates it will receive $4.174 trillion in revenue through Sept. 30, 2022, creating a $1.837 trillion deficit for Oct. 1, 2022. The Congressional Budget Office predicted before Biden's budget proposal was released that the deficit would be $2.3 trillion.

The estimate has changed to $3.4 trillion as a result of the American Rescue Plan. Mandatory spending is budgeted at $4.018 trillion. Discretionary spending is forecasted to be $1.688 trillion. Interest on the national debt is estimated to be $305 billion